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Shopify Theme Customization

Give a boost to your brand’s visibility and appeal by customizing your Shopify themes with Centous.

Our professionals help you tailor your Shopify theme to add unique features, aesthetics, and functionality that improve customer engagement and increase on-page retention.

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What's included
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    Visual customizations
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    Adjustments to theme layout
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    Feature integrations
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    Third-party app and plugin integration
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    Basic On-Page SEO
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    Custom development
What's not included
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    Advanced SEO
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    Marketing strategy
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    Content creation
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    Ongoing maintenance

What We Offer

Drive higher customer engagement and conversions with customized Shopify themes. Centous helps you tailor your Shopify theme as per your custom requirements. We offer:

  • Layout and design to create a custom look for your Shopify theme
  • Feature integration to enhance theme functionality for the front end
  • Custom development for implementing custom codes and scripts to add unique features to the Shopify theme
  • Performance optimization to speed up page load speeds for a seamless experience
  • QA and testing to ensure the Shopify custom theme is glitch-free
  • On-page SEO

Customized Shopify Themes Made Easy

If your business requires more functions and features than a packaged Shopify theme can provide, we can help you customize your theme easily. Centous covers theme customization for aspects like layout modifications, adding or removing features, custom coding, and much more.

Let’s get on a call and explore the customization potential of your Shopify theme.

Final Thoughts

Shopify themes are highly feature-rich and functional; however, sometimes, you may require a little tweak to make them perfect. For such customizations, Centous can be your customization partner for Shopify themes.

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Why Choose Centous?

Easy communication

Easy communication

Simplify your communication processes and enhance collaboration with our Easy Communication Service.

Friendly support

Friendly support

We believe that exceptional customer service is not just about resolving issues – it's about building lasting relationships.

No questions asked refund policy

No questions asked refund policy

That's why we offer a No Questions Asked Refund Policy, ensuring that you can shop with confidence knowing that your satisfaction is guaranteed.

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