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Centous ‑ Testimony Reviews

Testimony - Customer Reviews or Testimonials are social proof of your work and an essential part to build trust with your customers. Using a testimonial app, you can collect your client's review.

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Termzy ‑ I Agree To Terms

One click setup without any hassle! T&C checkbox will immediately appear above the checkout button. Purchasing at an online store is not without its risks, both for the buyer and the seller.

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Box Music ‑ Background Music

Box Music app allows you to set up the background audio/music based on any occasion or celebration. You can even set your own music to improve customer interactions.

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Likely ‑ Like Me Button

Get to know the most liked products by increasing customer engagement with adding a like button on your product pages. Liked products make a social proof for your visitors.

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Insureful: Shipping Protections

Insureful allows merchants to offer insurance protection on the products or services you sell. You can start covering stolen or broken items that have been insured by the consumer.

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MPO ‑ Multiple Product Options

Most e-commerce products require data input from the customer before they make their purchase. These data inputs may be anything from shoe sizes to shirt colors.

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Importer ‑ Bulk Images Import

If you have a new or existing store and need to add or update product images, this app can be very helpful. With the product handle or SKU, you can easily import a CSV file.

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Tagify ‑ Customer & Orders Tag

Tagify will automate and improve your order management system. No need to add tags manually, Tagify will automate the process of adding/removing customers and order tags.

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Syncify ‑ Inventory Automation

To ensure that your inventory is always up-to-date and accurate, it's important to sync it seamlessly across all of your different locations. This can be done easily.

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